I have been using Soleado since Patricia Martin first published it in 1995. The author invites us to travel with a cast of Canadian characters through the Hispanic world; the book helps make my classes lively, fun, and true voyages of discovery.

Patricia Martin introduces the Spanish language with an array of activities using dialogue, grammar, vocabulary, cultural facts, and fun songs from the Hispanic world. No matter what age or level I am teaching, I know I can count on Soleado to help me make learning Spanish easy and fun!

Soleado follows the steps of listening, writing, repeating and speaking in order to teach Spanish and my experience has been that this method absolutely works! Action and fun take the front seat in your class. With Soleado you will discover the magical Hispanic world. I most sincerely recommend Soleado as an amazing method for learning the language, culture, and history of Spain and Latin America.

Anamaria Espinel
UBC Spanish Instructor
Modern Languages Continuing Education
Vancouver, Canada

In 2012, our credit-free world language Spanish program adopted the texts Soleado Modulo 1 and Soleado Modulo 2.  We have been using these two texts with great success ever since. We chose this material for the following reasons: 

  1. the material caters to adults,
  2. the material suits a continuing education audience,
  3. the content and scope fits with the nature and philosophy of our courses,
  4. an audio CD accompanies the texts,
  5. there is a website to enhance student and instructor experiences (and this is updated when possible)
  6. the material is reasonably priced.

In addition, we love that Patricia Martin, author and distributor of the material, has built and maintained a positive working relationship with us by making periodic visits to our campus and seeking feedback on the material.

Leigh-Ann Duke
Coordinator, World Languages:  Credit-free; Customized
Office of International Education, Languages Institute
Mount Royal University
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am currently a senior Spanish instructor and Assistant Curriculum Developer at the University Of British Columbia for the department of Continuing Studies, where I have taught for over thirty years.

I have had the good fortune to use " Soleado" course since 1995, when it was first published up until the current edition.

In my personal experience, I have had much success in the classroom with this fantastic teaching method, as it is easy to follow for both the instructor and the student, full with humour, cultural information and well-organized grammar.

The students thoroughly enjoy the dialogues and the different characters of Soleado, who constantly travel to different Spanish speaking countries. Students personally identify with their own traveling adventures and very much enjoy the story lines.

If you are teaching a class for working adults after a long day's work, Soleado is the book for you. It is interactive, keeps the student involved, and constantly uses the target language.

The students enjoy the audio very much, as they practice their pronunciation, improve their listening skills and enjoy singing along to Spanish songs, appropriate to their level, while driving or at home.

Moreover, the transition from one level to the next is facilitated by following the lives of the characters with more advanced language into the next level. Taking into account my many years of teaching experience, it is an honour for me to highly recommend this book to instructors, teachers and students.

Dinorah DuGas
Spanish Instructor