Teacher Manual

The FREE Teacher’s Manual for Módulo 1 is available online. This includes the step-by-step Soleado lesson plans for each unit plus lots of other ideas to help you plan your class. (Spanish only)

Download it as a PDF [64KB]

Paso a paso

Etel y Marcos Flashcard

Flashcards of Characters [PDF]


Check out the ESTUDIANTES page to see all the extra materials that are available for your students: Más prácticas, Glosarios, Audio, Enlaces de interés...

Testimonials from Students

"Soleado is an exceptionally well written Spanish workbook. The illustrations are quirky and interesting, the exercises follow a systematic pattern moving from known to unknown. The explanations are in Spanish and the student is immersed as soon as the program begins. I was excited to begin each chapter. The vocabulary, the exercises and the video all complemented the main teaching points."

Arlene (English teacher)

"I liked the songs and the *CDs which complimented the lessons. The content was relevant and important for travelling in a Spanish speaking country. Bright and exciting, each chapter was packed with useful information and the vocabulary was repetitive; an excellent complete series."

Irving (Businessman)

*CDs are now on-line audio



Professionally recorded, the audio not only brings the characters to life, but also helps with pronunciation, intonation and comprehension. Different accents and expressions from the Hispanic world are used, and popular Hispanic songs from Spain and Latin America provide an entertaining way to end the class. The audio for all the Módulos is available as password-protected videos on the ESTUDIANTES pages.

The passwords for our audio change every so often; contact Patricia at for the latest passwords.

audio en movil



Some great Games and Activities to get your students speaking Spanish quickly.

Available as PDFs of playing cards with games like 'PESCA', 'PERSONALIDADES DIFERENTES' and 'FLASHCARDS GRANDES' to introduce verbs and practice conversation. Students have fun and learn at the same time.

($5 each set)

Cards Pesca


I have been using the Soleado books for around 7 years now. Besides the well designed units and logical progression, I think that one of the things that I like the most is the variety of activities, the cultural notes, and extra readings, because all these elements offer additional material that can be adapted in many different ways depending on the needs of your students, adding an element of versatility and flexibility, very much needed when teaching a multilevel class.

In addition, the access to a glossary, extra exercises with answer key (Más Práctica), and the audio material available online, are wonderful tools to support the instructor, and help the students to navigate the course.

I am very pleased with the Soleado books, and I would absolutely recommend them.
Veronica Webster
Spanish Instructor