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Patricia Martín: Patricia is the author of Soleado and also in charge of distribution. She has 40 years experience teaching Spanish to both high school students and adults. In 1984 she developed a Spanish Distance Education Course (adult) for the Open Learning Agency (Ministry of Education). She worked at UBC Continuing Studies for 35 years, teaching and developing material for the Spanish department, as well as training Modern Language teachers. She also taught Language Methodology for the department. Since 1985 she has been leading groups of students on study tours to Spain, México, Costa Rica, Cuba and Perú. She has a Bachelors from the University of British Columbia and a Masters from the University of California.

Elizabeth Varty is the designer, illustrator and co-writer of this course. She has more than 40 years experience preparing artwork for educational purposes, from Kindergarden to University level. Language-related work includes 'Salut!', a television series of 26 programs designed to introduce French to Grade 7s (1978), the British Columbia French Curriculum guides for the ProvincialEducation Dept(1980), French and Spanish Distance Education Courses (adult) for the Open Learning Agency (1983, 84). She produced on-line undergraduate courseware for the UBC Chemistry Department.