This is a three-level course, each level with a workbook and corresponding audio, along with lots of online extras such as Más Prácticas, Glosarios and more.

Módulo 1 Módulo 2 Módulo 3

Three levels

Módulo 1

Students will learn how to order food in a restaurant, make general purchases, meet and greet other people, ask for directions and discuss future plans. Índice [PDF]

Módulo 2

Students will learn how to describe minor health problems, make casual conversation with the people they meet, and talk about past experiences. Índice [PDF].

Módulo 3

Soleado 3 takes the communication learned in the first two manuals to a deeper level, providing more sophisticated structures and topics including traveling, art, music, environment, gourmet food, advice, opinions and more. Índice [PDF]

Teaching method

The students have to constantly interact with one another in practical and simple conversations, giving them the opportunity to communicate in Spanish immediately and effectively.

There is a natural presentation of new structures through dialogues, visuals and examples, and a constant relationship between newly introduced linguistic structures and the functional objective of the unit.

Paso a paso is an excerpt taken from the free Teacher's Manual [PDF], offering the instructor a step-by-step plan for a typical class using Soleado.

The Audio

Different accents and expressions from the Hispanic world are used, and popular Hispanic songs from Spain and Latin America provide an entertaining way to end the class. The audio can be found on password-protected channels on each of the Módulo 1, Módulo 2 and Módulo 3 pages in the ESTUDIANTES section.

The Components

The workbooks feature illustrated diálogos, presentaciones, prácticas and interacciones, all presented with lots of visuals, humor and culture. And to end the class on a high note, popular Hispanic canciones.

Hispanic world and culture

The stories are engaging and humorous. Students follow the characters through various situations learning new structures and vocabulary as they progress through the units.

Spanish used exclusively

The many illustrations and examples as well as the varied exercises will help your students to learn Spanish the natural way. Online Spanish-to-English glossaries are available in the ESTUDIANTES section of each Módulo.