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PESCA II Card Game

Why use our cards? Each pack contains original cultural drawings of verbs and promotes communication

PESCA II - 002: 18 regular verbs (ar, er, ir); this game asks the students to use more vocabulary than PESCA I and can be used for multiple language levels in many different ways. Apart from using them in a similar way to 'PESCA I', here are a few of Patricia's suggested uses:

  • hablando en el futuro próximo : ¿Vas a bailar en la fiesta mañana?
  • invitaciones con verbos irregulares: ¿Quieres comer conmigo en el Keg mañana?
  • adquirir información: ¿Puedes tocar la guitarra en la fiesta el sábado?

And much more in the detailed instructions that come with the card masters.

$5 for pdf of PESCA II master and instructions

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