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Why use our cards? Each pack contains original cultural drawings of verbs and promotes communication

PESCA I - 001: 18 regular 'ar' verbs; use for first contact with 'ar' verbs in various tenses or use in conjunction with PESCA II; the stronger students using PESCA II and the weaker students using PESCA I.

Introduces students to basic question and answer situations – can be used for presente, pretérito, imperfecto...

In a sample dialogue, one student (A) has a card with the verb ‘bailar’, and asks: “¿Bailas?” If the next student (B) in the group doesn’t have the bailar verb card, they answer “No, no bailo. Pesca.” If they do, they answer, “Sí, bailo.”and give the card to A.

In pretérito, the same rules apply, but with more vocabulary such as 'anoche, ayer, el sábado pasado'. Student A has the card with the verb ‘bailar’, and asks: “¿Bailaste anoche?” etc. Detailed instructions are included with the card masters.

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